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Design is more than aesthetics. It’s more than creative concepts or graphical outputs. It’s more than just how something looks, it’s about how something works. At KDMC we take pride in our ability to understand and translate our client's products, services and brands into visual elements that deliver clear, powerful and unique messages.

These days, creating and launching a website up isn’t nearly as daunting as it was once upon a time. Optimizing the design of that website for improved user experience (UX), on the other hand, continues to be a struggle for many companies.

Design-driven companies succeed. They retain the best talent and outperform the competition in revenue growth.* And they attract more customers because they understand that great design translates into great content, which leads to better customer experiences. Today, organizations need to deliver more engaging content, faster than ever before.

How important is design in your digital marketing?

  • 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.
  • 47% of website visitors check out a company’s products/services page before looking at any other sections of the site.
  • Users read just about a 1/4 of the information on a web page.
  • 88% of users are less likely to return if they had a bad user experience
96% of smart phone users have encountered websites that were not designed/optimized for mobile devices
75% of users You have 10 seconds to leave an impression and tell them what they’ll get out of your website and company. After this time (and oftentimes before), they’ll leave.
Once your page loads, users form an opinion in .05 seconds.

Our Graphic Design Services Include:

Website design

Logo Design & Branding

Marketing materials
(brochures, flyers, signage, etc.)

eBooks, White Papers, Technical reports

We know that you want an agency…

… with extensive digital marketing experience and expertise
… that is flexible enough to provide solid counsel AND excellent execution
… that will be your partner, not just another “vendor.”

Sound about right?

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