KDMC works with companies to create Custom Explainer Videos that quickly help convert more prospects into leads and customers. Live action and animated explainer videos for business and organizations tell stories, educate customers and patients, simplify complicated technologies, and humanize products and brands.

yourself from competition and old-school type of presentations.

procedures and messages so viewers can take action.

your audience with unusual easier-to-understand engaging video.

sales and conversions with the power of hand-drawn engagement.

Explain your product
or service in a way that even a 7-year-old can understand.

Stimulate the senses
Visual Sense: images or scenes, not simply a talking head
Auditory Sense: hearing or reading a word stimulates the same sense

We know that you want an agency…

… with extensive digital marketing experience and expertise
… that is flexible enough to provide solid counsel AND excellent execution
… that will be your partner, not just another “vendor.”

Sound about right?

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