Marketing and PR Services for Keiretsu Forum Members

Does your business exist if your target audiences can't find you online?

In today's digital age, we know that while perhaps this is not true in the literal sense, it might as well be.

Kaufer DMC and Fausti Communications have extensive experience helping start-ups and growth stage companies earn more exposure and visibility while channeling their online presence into an increasing number website visits and leads. 

We are honored to partner with Keiretsu Forum Seattle to offer special Marketing and PR packages that are effective, easy-to-understand and efficient. As a start-up or growth stage company you want to focus on developing the technology and sales channels - let our experienced and expert teams implement the marketing and communications piece of the puzzle. We serve as virtual marketing and PR teams for the majority of our clients as its far more cost-effective than building a team of full-time employees. 

Our marketing and PR packages are designed for your company, no matter which stage you're in today, and include the following components

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Reviews/Reputation Management
  • Content Creation (Blogging/Videos)
  • Phone Call Tracking Numbers (for campaign measurement/analytics)
  • Inbound Marketing/Marketing Automation Programs
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relations/Influencer Campaigns

And much, much more!

Check out our packages and reach out to us - you'll be on your way to launching successful marketing and PR programs for your company!