Does Your Company Need A Virtual Marketing Department?

Most growing companies and health care practices eventually reach a point when they need marketing services that can’t be provided by their internal staff and/or external consultants/freelancers. An internal Director or Vice President of Marketing – or even a small marketing team may be able to provide these services. These professionals usually have 10-20+ years of seasoned experience and can cost as much as $200,000 a year (including health insurance, bonuses, and benefits).

Many companies that need the internal talents and services of a marketing team (or VP/Director) can’t afford the cost. Additionally, these companies do not need a marketing professional on a full-time basis. These organizations are usually caught between two difficult decisions. Do you go without the marketing services desperately needed to grow and compete or do they pay the burden of the high cost of a full time professional? Many wish they had an alternative between these two options.

Kaufer DMC provides this alternative with our Virtual Marketing Department program for organizations looking to grow to the proverbial “next level.”

We have been providing marketing services on an as-needed basis for growing organizations since 2010. KDMC gladly helps growth companies that may need our services for as little as few hours or up 40+ hours each month. Our monthly marketing packages are designed to fit your budget (integrated marketing packages start as low as $700 per month)

We use unique technology, tools and talents to help organizations navigate the tricky new world of digital marketing to get results for our clients. Our team of professionals is experienced in creating and executing marketing strategies that work – while focusing on providing excellent service so our clients know their marketing is in good hands and they can focus on the areas of business that need their expertise.

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