Why You May Want to Opt into Facebook Ads

Last month, we blogged about the recent changes to Facebook. The biggest change we noted was the decline of organic reach (ads that you don’t have to pay for). Recent studies have found that organic reach on Facebook has declined over 40%. That’s a significant drop and presents a difficult challenge for small businesses using Facebook for advertising and promotion.

In the past, paying for Facebook Ads may not have been on the radar for most small businesses, especially those looking to save money on marketing. However, in the wake of these recent changes to Facebook and the immense decline of organic reach, paying to promote content might actually be a viable and cost effective option for businesses. Social media expert James Scherer examines Why You Should Opt into Facebook Ads and how they can be an inexpensive lead generator and yield a good ROI.

Do any of your businesses use Facebook Ads? Share your some of your experiences with us in the comments. 

Published January 29, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Facebook, Social Media