Which social media platforms are most important for my business?

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We’re often asked, “Which social media platforms are most important for my business?” Our answer: “It depends on your business.”

This isn’t always the most satisfying response, but it’s true. As social media has grown over the past decade, we’ve seen different platforms develop for specific audiences.

Yes, Facebook is still the big (and growing) gorilla – so we almost always recommend a company have an active Facebook page. Even if you’re a business-to-business company, you’re probably recruiting and hiring new employees (or trying to keep and motivate existing employees). Guess what? Potential employees check out company Facebook pages to try to learn about a company’s culture and people. And current employees love it when they are featured or recognized publicly.

And if your company sells directly to consumers, well you probably already know what kind of influence and impact Facebook could have on your traffic and sales. This is still very true – even though Facebook has changed its algorithm so very few of your fans get to see your updates unless you pay to promote them. We’re not thrilled with this change either. Fortunately, for now, paying to promote posts is relatively cheap and a very effective way to target your messages to either fans or specific demographic groups. This is now part of nearly every campaign we manage for our clients.

What about the other platforms? We’ll get to those in future columns. For now though here is your assignment:

Check your business Facebook page.

  • Does it look fresh and updated?
  • Do you have attractive/recent images as your profile and cover photo?
  • Is all information correct?
  • Have you checked your reviews? (Did you even know that Facebook has online reviews)?

Use September  as a time to clean up your Facebook presence and think about your audiences – what message do you want to send them? And how can Facebook help?

Do you have a digital marketing dilemma you’d like for us to explore in a future column? Comment here and let us know!

(This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared in My Edmonds News)

Published September 23, 2016 by Luke Severn.
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