What is Vine’s Value Proposal in Digital Marketing?

Never fancied yourself a movie maker? Well, if you own, manage, or promote a business or product, it’s time to get on the Vine and start producing. Vine has taken the Twitter world by storm and with a little education, practice, and a whole lotta fun, you can improve your company’s digital marketing strategy by showing your followers some behind the scene shorts, how creative you are, and start some serious “shared” conversations. Before you commit yourself to sitting behind the lens, let’s shed some lights, cameras, action! on Vine’s value proposal in digital marketing.

Are you ready for your big moment?

Vine. If you are already familiar with Vine, please skip this section. If you are newer to the whole Vine concept, we’ll debrief you: Vine was acquired by Twitter, and released as a Twitter app in January of this year. It allows anyone to use still shots, or quick video snippets, to create looping video shorts. You have six-seconds to capture someone’s attention, and tell a story s/he will somehow care about. If that seems daunting, there are plenty of online tips on how to create the perfect Vine.

Now – on to how/why Vine is valuable for your company.

Use Vine to Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaign

You’re already in the palms of their hands. According to IDC’s research report, 79% of smartphone users have their phones with them 22-hours a day, and 80% claim the first thing they do in the morning is check their phone. If you’re already in their hands, embrace every opportunity to leap from their hands, and into their brains. Given that more than half of all cell phone users now use smartphones, and that number continues to rise, Vine is a way to visually inspire customers, both present and future, and get them to share your clever shorts.

Now, don’t lose ’em. If your target marketing personas are Twitter followers, Vine is the next logical step. People will bounce if you don’t capture their attention, but they prefer not to. If you can excite them in real time, via the Vine/Twitter connection, they will appreciate, and share, your brilliance that much more readily. They can do it right there, in the same app, which makes them happy.

Visual stuff matters. In case you haven’t been paying attention, humans are visual creatures. And now, thanks to modern, digital technology, we are impatient visual creatures. Have you noticed that movie trailers flash scenes so fast these days that it almost makes your head spin? This is because much more than six-seconds and the young, hip, mobile crowd is already on to the next bigger thing. Vine provides a way for your visuals, and not just your verbals, to stick.

You can be sneaky without ever saying a word. In order for social media marketing to work, it has to be shared, right? If you use your 6-seconds of Vine inspiration to promote a client’s work, ideally something you had a hand in, you will able to benefit from exposure two-ways: yours and the client’s contacts. You’re sharing, they’re sharing, and you just got double exposure. It’s kind of sneaky but it works, and Vine makes it easy because you never have to say a word.

Everyone want to be a VIP. Backstage passes, behind-the-scenes videos, and sneak peaks always capture our attention because everyone wants to be a VIP. Your Vine clips can allow fans and followers feel like they’re VIPs when you give them a short, insider’s tease. Don’t disappoint.

As this brilliant Vine infographic points out, “Constraint inspires Creativity.” Get those six-seconds of valuable Vine time creatively working in your direction.

Published March 18, 2017.
Categories: Digital Marketing