What is Google’s Penguin Algorithm, Really? [RESEARCH] – Search Engine Journal

What is Google’s Penguin Algorithm, Really? [RESEARCH] – Search Engine Journal

For much of its existence, Google has been tight-lipped about its search algorithms.

One current algorithm, Penguin, is no exception to this rule.

Released in 2012, Penguin was launched to combat black-hat SEO techniques that increased the ranking of a webpage by increasing the number of links pointing to that page.

Penguin has gone through several versions since it’s release, and as of September 2016, is officially a part of Google’s core algorithm.

But since it’s release and, there hasn’t been a lot of information provided to digital marketers about how Penguin works. Google’s reluctance to release information is likely due to previous search algorithm manipulation by search-engine marketers.

From the information that is publicly available, can we decipher how Penguin actually works?

Roger Montti of Search Engine Journal makes the case that “a patent published by Google in late 2015 that was briefly discussed within the SEO community and quickly forgotten, may be the key to understanding Penguin.”

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Published February 21, 2017 by Luke Severn.
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