Wanna Hear Something Pinteresting? The Facts Behind the Pinterest Phenomenon

Pinterest shows no signs of slowing down. Just when you think they’ve reached the limitations of their website – they add something new (i.e, Article Pins).

Have  you noticed these “rich pins“? Pinterest is making their images easier to navigate and also increasing the time spent on their website. Before you’d have to probably have to click around to find the price of that beautiful tan leather jacket or the recipe for that delicious-looking blueberry pie. Now recipes and prices are starting to be included in pins so you no longer have to leave the website. Brilliant, right?

Stand Out! Media Group made this infographic to show just exactly who is the Pinterest user. Did you know that the average time spent on Pinterest is 89 mins (versus 21 on Twitter and 17 on LinkedIn)? We can only imagine that number is going to increase as Pinterest makes smart updates like the one above.

Pinterest has done a great job at making updates that benefit BOTH the user and the advertiser – unlike other platforms (*cough* Facebook *cough*). What do you think they will do next?

Published September 30, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Pinterest, Social Media