Using Social Media in Business? How to humanize your brand and interact for better results

It’s easy to fall in the trap of thinking that social media is just a personalized mass media platform available to everyone on the planet. That each person has their own personalized radio antenna broadcasting to the whole world. And businesses only use social media to promote the latest sales offer or share pieces of research that promote their products or campaigns.  Where interaction between the business and consumer is measured in likes and click through rates – not actual conversations.

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But, social media should also be about interaction. It’s a way for people to communicate and share their lives with others. It’s eliminating the need for high school reunions – there’s no need to catch up with people from 20 years ago when you’re sharing so much online. People are used to sharing pictures, videos and posting on each other’s walls. Some even find love through social media. They are broadcasting and interacting.

Why then are businesses only using half the power of social media? If users can interact with each other, then why can’t they interact with your business? Angela Ruth at suggests 4 ways how your business can start to interact with its audience. Her suggestions humanize your brand by introducing them to the people who work there. Your brand becomes the image you portray and the people they know. What could be a better connection?

Published August 29, 2016 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Marketing, Social Media