Use Images on Twitter to Get More ReTweets

No surprises here, but did you know exactly how much more effective tweets with images are? These statistics will blow your mind and may make you rethink how your incorporating images into your Twitter social media strategy. Remember the Instagram vs. Twitter battle? Well, Instagram posts are a lot less to be shared since they are not immediately seen on a Twitter feed.

I collected a dataset of more than 400,000 randomly selected Tweets and the number of times each tweet received a “new school” (native) ReTweet. I then compared 4 of the most popular ways to send images to Twitter: Facebook image links (images hosted on Facebook’s CDN,, Instagram, Twitpic and Twitter’s own, native image uploading service (shown in Tweets as

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Published October 22, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Social Media, Twitter