Tumblr’s value to advertisers undervalued ‘by as much as 450%’

Yes – you read that right. As much as FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT. I have a Tumblr. I use it more as a board of inspiration of photos, somewhat similiar to Pinterest, but it’s still very different.

Pinterest sometimes makes me sad. Thoughts like, “Man, I’ll never be able to make a pumpkin scone that looks like that.” Or, “I’ve only done many 1 or 2 of those exercises on my ‘Fitness Board’…so….” Sound familiar? Tumblr makes me happy, and apparently, that’s true for others.

In the article below, Adobe’s digital ad analyst Tamara Gaffney said: “We wanted to see who was the happiest network,” Gaffney told me. “Turns out it was Tumblr – Tumblr is the happiest social network … you don’t go to Tumblr to rant.”

Also, if I see a hat on Tumblr I will go to ABOVE AND BEYOND to find it. That beautiful fedora next to a picture of a blue sea on a gorgeous and customed designed Tumblr page… it makes me want it even more. Pinterest just can’t do that.


If there’s a social/content network that could be voted as most likely to succeed in 2014, it just might be Yahoo’s biggest recent purchase, Tumblr.

That’s perhaps odd to say, as the massively popular network of microblogs currently hosts almost 150 million blogs, sees 99 million posts every day, has over 65 billion posts, and has a very nice site ranking of fifth in the U.S. In other words, it has already succeeded.

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Published October 30, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Social Media, Tumblr