The Year of the Selfie: How Brands Made It Big in 2013

2013 has been dubbed the “Year of the Selfie” by Unmetric, which compiled this infographic of selfie usage in brand’s social media profiles over the course of the year. Although brands started the year off slow, the explosion of selfies used in social media advertising skyrocketed as the year went on, especially into the holiday shopping season.

In recent memory, selfies first started making an appearance on Myspace (remember Myspace?). There was the classic “bathroom mirror” selfie or the “driving in my car” selfie – just to name a few. And while we thought the fad might die out along with the popularity of the social network, selfies have stuck around and become common place on social media, especially on photo based platforms like Instagram. Now, they’re even seen in advertising campaigns.

Samsung’s “Together We Rise” was one of the most notable selfie campaigns in 2013. To kick off the new NBA season, Samsung encouraged its followers send in selfies, which they compiled into an impressive mosaic of NBA star, Lebron James. The advertisement featuring the selfie mosaic was aired on the Miami Heat’s opening night at the American Airlines Center.

It’s clear that selfies are here to stay and we’re sure to be seeing some new and creative ways that they will be used by brands in 2014.

Published February 12, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Branding