The Top 8 reasons why you should hire a content marketing agency

Many companies have the best intentions of writing their own blogs, Tweeting their own Tweets, and saving big bucks with DIY content marketing. Unfortunately, this usually backfires because it’s tough to stay on top of ever-evolving best content marketing practices and the day-to-day workings of your business. Here are questions to ask yourself to discern whether or not you should hire a content marketing agency.

  • Who’s at the helm of your company’s content marketing?
  • Are you seeing results?
  • Does your company understand the value of creating/developing a brand?
  • Is it milking every benefit from a website, blogs, and free social media marketing campaigns?
  • Do you attend conferences and/or follow blogs by well-versed Content Marketing Gurus to keep up with the times?

Unless you already work with a successful content marketing agency, the answers to these questions are probably, “sorta” or “no.”

Rope ’em in!

Outsourcing your content marketing to an experienced agency, with a good reputation, has multiple benefits. For a small investment, you get to watch your company’s rankings rise to the top, you become an authoritative voice in your industry, your customer base will expand, and you will develop and/or strengthen your brand. Need more convincing?

  1. Trust the experts. A tried-and-true content marketing agency loves to do what you might dread, or don’t have time to do: keep up with web content, blogs, and social media. There is nothing we love more than reading the blogs of other successful content marketing agencies and gleaning new tips. The words, “Spend a Weekend Learning New SEO Tricks to Seduce Google Algorithms” sends pleasurable chills down our spines. An even greater thrill? Spending time using keyword analytics to figure out your best keyword phrases, creating awesome ways to use them, and watching your company’s page rankings rise up, up, to Number 1 fame. Do you have time for all of that? Didn’t think so.
  2. It takes two to tango. If you choose to leave the entirety of your marketing campaign to the agency, so be it. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to work as a partner with them to develop relevant marketing strategies. You are the experts in your business, and they will look forward to learning all they can about you, your products/services, and the best way to market those to current and future customers.
  3. Content quality. In most cases, content quality suffers when it is written/posted in-house (unless you have a proficient writer with the time and SEO know-how to take care of it). This can be a major deterrent to prospective customers when they come across a poorly written blog or web page. In our business, we often use the expression, “Content is King!” Most content marketing agencies outsource blog/web writing to freelance writers, and give it a thorough editing before posting it on your site. Using professional writers is one way to make sure your content rocks – both in tone, information, and spelling/grammar.
  4. Quantifiable results. It takes a good amount of time and effort to create/implement marketing campaigns – and then monitor the results to create/implement newer and better campaigns. It’s an art, a science and a full time job. A content marketing agency will take care of it for you, and will provide quantifiable results regarding keyword/page rankings, customer visits, increases in leads, etc.
  5. Sharing is caring. Social media is a powerful marketing force. It’s critical that your content can be easily spread and shared along the social media grapevine. Professionals are on top of it and make it easy, and attractive, for readers to instantly share what they like about you.
  6. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We would be lying if we said it’s all roses and butterflies here in Content Land. Just as easy as it is to share the good, it’s also easy to share the bad and the ugly. How ready are you to professionally and efficiently handle negative social media activity and turn it into a positive? A content marketing agency should be able to handle the fallout for you, and show the world what conscionable business owners and citizens you are.
  7. Rope ’em in. We mentioned it’s an art, and a science, but knowing how to capture and nurture leads requires more than Psychology 101. The right content marketing agency will wow you with their ability to bring in leads, and transform them into sales- cha ching!
  8. Make money! Hello?!? Isn’t that what you’re in business for? You gotta spend money to make money. If you have the “goal” to do in-house blogs and social media management – in order to save money – but you never have time to do it, guess what? You’re losing money. You can’t glean all those web visitors, prospective clients, and leads that are pivotal to building your business.

So, leave content marketing to the experts and you can get back to business.

Published April 9, 2013 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Inbound Marketing