The Importance of the Retweet: How to Build your Brand on Twitter

Many businesses feel like they need to be constantly updating their social media profiles with new, original content. While this is definitely important, sharing relevant content from other sources that are interesting to your followers also has a significant impact in building your following and your brand. Retweeting can fit into that picture.

Retweeting shows that a brand is active in their industry and intentional about engaging their followers with the most interesting and relevant content, regardless of whether or not it all comes from their brand. A major tip that Social Media Firm CEO Scott Levy gives to brands about retweeting is to quote the original tweet in your own tweet, so that it shows that the tweet is coming from you. Of course, you indicate that you are retweeting someone by using “RT@” and then putting the specific user and the excerpt of his or her quote that you are using.

A brand that does retweeting well is Taco Bell. Taco Bell retweets many of its followers that are talking about the brand, the food or their experience. Whether their customers are talking about the latest Taco Bell advertisement or just their latest midnight trip to the Drive Thru, Taco Bell loves to interact with its followers which encourages greater activity on their pages and additional brand exposure.

With retweeting, seek to teach your followers something new, make them laugh, or give them a little positive inspiration for the day. Stay in tune with what topics are trending in order to connect with your audience in real time. Retweeting is fairly simple, yet adds tremendous value to your Twitter presence. With all these little tips in mind, go forth and retweet!

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Published February 11, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Social Media, Twitter