Tablets becoming the new norm at construction sites

Do tablets have a role at your workplace or at home? Do you think it saves you money? More and more schools are starting to integrate tablets into their programs. It typically saves students time and money to purchase eBooks online and view them through an e-reader. But what about the construction industry? A notoriously paper-heavy industry, tablets are now being used instead of paper on the job site. Tablets are lightweight and help save on printing costs. What are you waiting for?

Tablets and smartphones are becoming common tools on construction job sites, according to this article. At Boise State University in Idaho, students are learning to use handheld devices to be better prepared for future jobs. “Some construction firms I work with are going completely paperless. Crews can upload building information models right from the field… It’s incredible,” says Casey Cline, a professor at the university. However, not all firms have made the switch, citing costs, a still weakened business environment and adoption challenges.

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Published August 13, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Mobile Marketing