Social Media Tuesday: The Rise of Latinos Online

There has been lots of buzz lately surrounding the Latino market. Marketers can no longer deny the power of this growing demographic. NASCAR, P&G, and the NBA have all taken notice and devoted entire campaigns to this group.

The most recent Latinos in Tech & Innovation & Social Media (LATISM) conference in Miami showcased 2 key trends that are expected to revolutionize social media and marketing strategies across the United States. 

1.   Growth of social advertising.

Most of the big brands have built (or are building) an alternative Latino social media platform. For example, People En Español (People Magazine in Spanish) has stepped up their social media marketing, especially with their Twitter engagement. While the print edition of this magazine started in 1995, it continues to be one of the most successful Spanish-language magazines. Special editions like the “50 Más Bellos” (“50 Most Beautiful”) drive huge fan engagement on Twitter and Facebook. Expect to see more brands creating Twitter and Facebook pages dedicated to the Spanish language for their Latino fans.

2.   “Mobile first.”

Mobile is the fastest-growing platform in the world and Latinos lead the way in mobile and digital connectivity. For many Latinos, their mobile device is often their primary (and sometimes only) way of accessing the Internet. Designing and creating for a social-mobile web is critical. This group desires a more complex experience on their smart phones. As the use of tablets and smartphones continues to grow, the focus should be on creating the optimal mobile experience first (from a usability and shareability standpoint). Latino smart phone users are young, bilingual, dynamic, and connected. Therefore, mobile platforms have to satisfy all these qualities.


NASCAR, thought by some as the most “American” of sports, has also made an effort in targeting the Latino market. Fans have already seen talented Mexican drivers competing in the circuit, but NASCAR has had limited interaction across the border. The NASCAR Mexico Toyota Series holds undeniable significance for 2013 for this reason. The diversity of the United States is being celebrated and acknowledged in a way that has never been done before.

Published March 5, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Social Media