Seattle launches new initiative to support entrepreneurs

Its no secret to us that Seattle is the ideal spot to launch a start-up! It’s one of the key reasons why I chose to relocate back to the area after growing up and living in the heart of Silicon Valley. The quality of life is ideal – but there is also an amazing community and entrepreneurial spirit that is every bit as strong as the Bay Area or New York. We’re excited to see the launch of this new initiative and look forward to continuing to support new Seattle startups:

You wouldn’t know it judging by the spoonfuls of hot chili that Mayor Mike McGinn is wolfing down, but it’s a picture-perfect and rather warm May afternoon in the Emerald City. As we chat about how Seattle can become a global startup hub, McGinn looks outside his vast seventh floor City Hall office window to the beautiful blue waters of Puget Sound. “What sets Seattle apart is the quality of life,” the mayor says…

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This is a great guide for anyone looking to navigate the Seattle startup community. Kudos to StartUp Seattle, GeekWire & Killer Infographics for their work on this piece

Published May 9, 2013 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Press Releases