Retailers Can Motivate Millennials with Mobile

Even though Millennials are multi-channel consumers, it doesn’t mean they don’t still enjoy and anticipate a quality brick-and-mortar experience.

You just have to meet them (us?) halfway. And how can do you do that? With mobile, of course.

While shopping, Millennials aren’t just taking selfies – we’re actually comparing prices, reading online reviews and researching the products we plan to purchase. According to Robyn Hannah, vice president of PR and communications for Punchtab, “millennials trust brands less than they trust each other and regularly check user reviews before they make a purchase – sometimes right from your store.” So if reviews of your offerings aren’t easy to find, Millennials will deem your untrustworthy and move on.

People can’t seem to stop talking about our generation’s spending habits/power. However, we still love a great deal: cue the coupons, sales and loyalty programs. We are still an unemployed bunch, and research shows that  38% of Millennials are influenced by savings-related signs and in-store displays, compared with 28 percent of all shoppers.

How do you capitalize on this behavior? By rewarding our mobile social behaviors. When we check-in on Foursquare or tweet about our hotel room’s view, we should earn something in return – right? Marriott’s newly launched PlusPoints initiative thinks so.

Is mobile marketing a central component of your marketing strategy? How can your business leverage Millennials spending/social habits?

Published August 11, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Mobile Marketing