Recession Proof Your Business With Video Content Marketing in 2020


2020 is quickly approaching and with it will bring a new presidential election as well as the strong potential of a recession (according to many economists). Forward thinking businesses realize that this means implementing a strong digital marketing strategy and program has never been more important. But the question is, with so many different digital marketing tactics and tools to choose from, which is best for you in the new decade? 


Well, let’s take a look at some statistics before answering this question. 


According to a recent study by Google, 79% of online consumers prefer watching a “Product Video” rather than reading about a Product online. 50% of consumers watch a video about a store before visiting the store and 84% have bought a product online after watching a YouTube Video Ad. According to Cisco Systems, by 2020 82% of all web traffic will be video and 1 million minutes of video will be crossing the internet every single second.


So, the data clearly suggests that Video Content Marketing is hands down the best strategy to implement within your business in 2020 (and beyond). But According to Ascend2’s State of Content Marketing Report, Marketing Agencies say Video Content Marketing is the most expensive and difficult to produce. So, what type should you produce for your business?


Let’s explore your options. 


The most common type of video is called the “Explainer Video,” which is commonly found on a business landing page. This is a short animated video explaining the product and/or service you offer. These can easily be created using various web-based platforms found using a simple Google search. 


Other more advanced types of Video Content include:


  1. Vlogs (Video Blogs)

  2. Showcase Video (Showcasing your Store/Restaurant/Service/Product)

  3. Promo Ad Video (Monthly/Weekly/Daily Promotion of specific product and/or service)

  4. Video Business Card (Interview Video telling “Your Story” to get your customer emotionally engaged in you and your business)

  5. Testimonial Video (Customer/Client Testimonials to build confidence and trust)

  6. Tutorial Video (Presents you as an “Authority Figure” within your industry)


No matter what Industry you are in, you can recession proof your business today and produce any of these types of Video Content on a consistent basis to keep your customers engaged and differentiate yourself from your competitors. With today’s advanced video cameras on smart phones, it’s possible to create/shoote/edit these yourself - or you can ask for help from professionals like us, Kaufer DMC, to produce Video Content for you. It’s that easy folks!

Published December 27, 2019 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Visual Content