Real Estate Goes Mobile: How Smart Realtors are Selling in the 21st Century

Dear Realtors,

In the past, how have you grown your real estate business? By sending mail to centers of influence (COI) and having open houses? That’s the old way.

Mobile is the new COI tool. With mobile, you can send new listings, open houses, and updates out to your COI’s phones. And much better than mailing, there’s 97% open rate on those mobile messages.

Another great opportunity for mobile is the ability to add mobile to your signs. Interested buyers can see pictures, price and video of interiors all on their mobile phones.

Potential buyers can then text in to see pictures, interior videos and pricing, and you get a text to your phone with their number for a follow-up.

It only takes one additional buyer to pay for four years of the service. What are you waiting for?

Published February 13, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing