RE: How to Start Marketing Your New Website from Zero

Imagine deciding to venture off on your own in your field of choice. You know you need to design a website so that your future customers can learn all about the products and services you offer.

But there’s a problem. How are they going to find your website? Even if you’re one of the few people out there serving your niche, that doesn’t give you a free trip to the top of the first search engine results page.

Your first instinct is do what everyone else does, make content. The old adage that content is king has some truth it, but let me stop you right there. Before you embark on an endless dead end of writing, consider these tips from Brad Smith, a founding partner at Codeless Interactive.

Go Offline

When you’re starting out, you need to be acutely aware of your customer’s needs and where they meet up. This isn’t always the internet. Many professional groups and societies have monthly get-togethers where they network and talk about issues or possible solutions to the problems of their industry. And this is a perfect opportunity for you.

Go ahead and volunteer to help out as a guest speaker or even putting the events together. This will connect you with the rest of the staff who are likely to be professionals working in the industry. Volunteering also allows you to approach the big names at the event. From there, with a bit of good timing and casual conversation, you can introduce what you do and your site.

Build Referrals

Friends love to share what they’re up to. So, why not make it as easy as possible for the people who visit your site to share it with others? The standard approach is to include social media sharing links throughout the website, but why not incentivize them more?

If your website is built around purchasing products or services, referral bonuses are an easy way to give paying customers that extra nudge to tell their friends about you. Take it a step further and reward BOTH customers. Let the paying customer give a discount to their friend if they come to your site and also give the paying customer a discount for sharing. The focus should be on creating small experiences that let customers and their friends experience your business together.

From Zero

Remember that when you’re starting from zero, you need to approach SEO like a negotiation. You must offer something they want, preferably tempting them with it a few times, in exchange for the links and references they’ll provide you. This will allow you to build a coalition that’ll hunt the white whale of top 10 Google results.

Published August 30, 2016 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Website Design and Development, Websites