Press Release Dos and Dont's (Infographic)

I’ve worked in PR and communications for a lonnnnng time and even though there is much that has changed within the world of public relations, marketing and corporate communications, the good ol’ press release is still around (and serving a purpose). And even though the press release has been around forever (even longer than us) it’s still surprising to see how many companies make basic mistakes when writing and distributing their releases. This handy infographic created by the clever folks at skadeedle provides a nice snapshot of the “dos and don’ts” with press releases. Its well-done and pretty complete in my opinion. One other “Do” that I would also include is to make sure that you include facts, statistics or figures (all true and verifiable obviously) whenever possible. For while people (and the media) love good stories, they love numbers even more.

Press Release Dos and Don’ts infographic

Published June 28, 2013 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Press Releases, Public Relations