New Trend in Shopping: Smart Phone Shopping Assistants

It’s now common to see someone with a smart phone in hand while they look around a store. They wander around, stop in front of something that catches their eye, then look down at their cell phone for a few minutes, busily swiping away at the screen while salespeople watch on anxiously. Are they complaining online or multitasking? Is it okay to interrupt them?

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Don’t fret, what you’re witnessing is the new trend in shopping. According to Alliance Data, 34% of all customers use their smart phones to find more information on products while they shop. This is becoming the norm in consumer behavior because 84% of millennials use their smart phones for help while shopping.

Are shoppers also price checking with competitors? Yes, smart phones allow customers to discover that they’re getting the best deal possible, but there’s more. Smart phones allow customers to alleviate their worries about whether or not a given item is what they’re looking for and have their friends cheer on their purchase so they feel good about it afterward.

Smart phones also impact consumer opinions after the purchase. Consumers use social networks to share what they bought and write reviews based on their experience. They receive praise from their peers and if they had a good experience, in turn praise your business.

Instead of thinking of smart phones as an obstacle to selling your products and hampering the experience your business wishes to give to its customers, think of them as assistants for your sales associates. They allow customers to be more independent, offer social support for a purchase, and enable instant feedback to enhance your SEO strategy.

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Published August 19, 2016 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Sales