Need A New Website? Don’t Fall For This Trick!

Most companies need new/updated websites at some time

Some web companies/agencies may try to convince you to let them create the site from scratch – using their own software code

Here’s why this is a bad idea:

1) This will ensure that they are the only company that will be able to go in to make edits/changes/updates

2) Its almost always more expensive and takes longer

What are your options? If you’re hiring a firm to create your new website, take a look at WordPress or similar open-source CMS (content management system) platforms.


WordPress and similar platforms are designed to be easily updated by non-techy people like us.

Some firms want to lock you into using their services by creating a proprietary website – we don’t think that way though. We aren’t in the business of website maintenance – although we’re happy to do it for clients who ask us for it. We’re more interested in focusing on creating the right brand/image for your company and driving traffic to your website and social media properties. We’re much happier when our clients feel empowered to make changes/updates to their websites on their own – rather than feel dependent on us or a webmaster for any/all changes.

Want an example of the difference? We worked with one company who had previously arranged to have their website updated by a web design firm who went the proprietary platform route. Our client (and we) now have to work directly with this agency to make even the most basic changes – because they own the code. What should be a very simple/basic task – such as adding a blog – to the site takes weeks (and extra fees). Its not efficient and it doesn’t help the client – and that drives me nuts.

So if you’re in the process of thinking about updating your website – please make sure you do your homework and ask questions with your designer/developer/firm. You can have a professional, custom designed site that reflects your unique brand and is easy to use/update. Don’t get suckered by the proprietary pitch!

Published November 11, 2014 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Marketing Minute, Website Design and Development