Moderate Your Business: An Easy Way to Manage Your Online Reputation

Now that we’ve implemented reputation management into our services here at Kaufer DMC, and our clients are already seeing amazing results, we wanted to shed some light on reputation management by offering an easy way to manage your own online rep: moderating your business online.

While managing your online reputation can seem like a very tall task, it’s a lot easier than you think, even if you’re not off to the best start.

First, search for your business online. You may do this already, but if you don’t, you should be searching for your business online regardless of whether you’re interested in managing your online reputation. It’s important to know where you show up in search engine results, and understanding this can help you implement better SEO practices. But besides optimizing your search engine results, searching for your business lets you know who is reviewing you and where they’re reviewing you. Reading reviews on your business allows you to receive instant feedback that you can absorb and, if the reviews are negative, use to improve your business. Are customers frequently unhappy about your customer service? Well, it might be time to re-evaluate that sector of your business.

Another reason it’s important to search for your business online and read reviews is that it allows you to take action with customers who had a negative experience. For instance, if you own a restaurant and a previous guest who had a bad experience wrote a negative review on Yelp about their bad experience, you can reach out to this guest and potentially turn this negative experience into a positive one. Offer them a gift card, free meal, or other special offering, and add a personal touch to it. They may just go back on Yelp, revise their review, and explain that you reached out to them personally and in a positive, professional manner. This type of interaction is occurring more and more in today’s online-centric world, and the small effort spent on your end will pay huge dividends to your business in the future.

Next, if your business is on social media (and if it’s not, you seriously need to get that going), moderate that portion of your business every day. Just like searching for your business online and using reviews to potentially turn negative experiences into positive ones, you can do the same through social media. Did a customer write a negative tweet about your product or service? Publicly responding to their tweet in a positive manner, while attempting to reconcile the issue at hand is a great way to increase your positive exposure. Additionally, being active on social media increases your ranks on Google and other search engines. It’s a win-win.

Finally, as Hootsuite explains, relax–a negative online review isn’t the end of the world. No matter what business you’re in, there will always be people who don’t like what product or service you offer. Nothing in this world is universally accepted, and your business won’t be either. Even if your business is extremely well-run, some people will always find something they don’t like about it. As long as your good reviews and feedback outweigh the bad, you’ll be fine.

If you’re interested in receiving assistance with your online reputation management, visit our online reputation management page for more details.

Written by Luke Severn

Luke is a marketing coordinator at Kaufer DMC. He loves the Arctic Monkeys, David Fincher movies, and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Published July 3, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Reputation Management