Marketing in a Multi Device World

A recent study by Facebook affirms a previous study by Google that shows that people use multiple devices during the day and for different purposes. This might seem like a no brainer, as the majority of us probably jump between our smartphone, laptop or tablet at different points during the day depending on what we want to do.

What are the findings from Facebook’s study? “More than 60 percent of online adults in the U.S. use at least two devices everyday and almost one quarter use three devices.” Additionally, 40% of adults will start an activity on one device and finish it on another. The Google findings even show that people move between their different screens in a sequential way throughout the day.

Generally, smartphones were used the most as they are the most accessible. Communication, social activity and quick things to look up online are all easily done on a smartphone, especially in an environment like public transportation that doesn’t easily allow for other devices to be used. Tablets were primarily used for entertainment, and laptops or desktops for work. The need for a bigger keyboard or screen was a motivating factor in the move from one device to another.

This information isn’t necessarily new for marketers, but it does confirm a lot of what we already are aware of. The key is to continue targeting the right platform with the right message and to remember to optimize content for screens, big and small.

“All this underscores what most marketers already know. Mobile devices are now the primary or central devices in consumers’ lives. It’s increasingly important to think about multi-screen campaigns and about attribution methods that take into account this multi-device migration path across screens and, eventually, into the real world.”

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Published March 7, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing