Marketers Need to Consume Vine Video, Not Just Make It

I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t so sure about the future of Vine. Would Instagram video destroy it? Did it have any value in the marketing world? As of recently, I’ve become a consistent Vine-watcher. I follow a bunch of “Vine celebs” who make absolutely hilarious videos. Not only do they make me laugh, but their creativity to squeeze all that humor in during a span of six seconds astounds me. There’s definitely a marketing lesson found within this Vine craze, and it’s time we (marketers) took notice.

Marketers, repeat after me: Vine isn’t a tool. It’s a destination.

I didn’t realize this until recently. I was trying to figure out why water-cooler conversations are increasingly about the funniest Vines of the day, and our company’s executive creative director stunned me. He said, “I spend 30 minutes a day watching Vines.” That’s a half hour that he’s watching — not making — 300 six-second videos.

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Published August 19, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Marketing