Kaufer DMC Introduces Two New Client Case Studies

Kaufer DMC is excited to announce the publication of two new client case studies featuring a litigation support firm and a Seattle-area OB/GYN. Both are available for free and instant download, and highlight the diverse and challenging client work the marketing and communications company has spearheaded in the past few years.

The first case study discusses how Kaufer DMC handled the rebranding of American Legal Corporation (ALC) and the concurrent marketing challenges of the process. By focusing on emerging technological fields and acquiring new brand names and offices, ALC had grown from a Seattle legal copying firm into a national company that needed to expand and establish a reputation for electronic discovery (eDiscovery) and computer forensics. In 2008 and 2009, despite the difficult economic times, the comprehensive marketing and rebranding plans of Kaufer DMC transitioned the company into the new TERIS brand. The new company blog, extensive social media presence and the redeveloped website designed and managed by Kaufer DMC “established a look and feel that was easily and instantly recognized within key markets and emphasized the firm’s core technology strengths.” Stefan Wikstrom, CEO of TERIS, recognizes the rebranding as one of the most critical steps in the company’s growth, one that helped project the correct image for the sophisticated litigation support services provided for its clients. The TERIS brand accomplished the creation of the new identity and national recognition through new positioning and online presence, all the while staying within a limited budget.

The second case focuses on the online reputation management solutions that Kaufer DMC created for a Seattle-area OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology clinic). The company struggled with the issue of having outdated, negative reviews that adversely affected their online ratings. The OB/GYN needed to find ways to address those reviews and improve the number of positive reviews received by influencing patients who had a positive experience. Above all, the company needed efficient solutions to accomplish these goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. After having already designed and developed a new website, and launching proactive social media and content creation programs for the OB/GYN, Kaufer DMC developed a comprehensive approach that included a monitoring automation of review sites with email and text message alerts. Another critical step was the creation of ownership profiles on review sites, which made possible the sharing of up-to-date information, responding to customer reviews and SEO (search engine optimization) for the company. Moreover, implementing automatic follow-up requests so that clients could easily post online reviews highly benefited the online reputation of the company.

As these two case studies highlight, the aforementioned steps taken by Kaufer DMC offered its customers a chance to develop digital marketing campaigns that got the most out of the resources and opportunities provided by the recent technological advancements and consumer trends, adding a great deal of value to the bottom line of the businesses.

Click here to download the case studies.

Written by Furkan Ozunal

Furkan is an undergraduate marketing and finance student at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. He loves skiing, the Turkish rock band Duman and the sports club Fenerbahce.

Published April 22, 2015 by Luke Severn.
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