Is It Time to Embrace GIFs for Marketing?

GIFs – you’ve most likely seen them on Tumblr, Reddit or on a BuzzFeed list. They’re short, fun and really good at communicating a message in a few seconds. While GIFs are generally lighthearted, they may be just what brands need in order to inject some fun and relatability into their online presence. Since 2009, Google searches for GIFs have more than tripled, indicating just how popular GIFs are for internet users.

GIFs are especially popular on Tumblr, an image based blogging platform that hasn’t completely caught on with large brands, with only 31% of the top 100 brands adopting a Tumblr account in 2013. But this area remains a new challenge for marketers to tackle, especially in reaching Generation Y consumers who are Tumblr’s main users.

The power in GIFs also lies in their shareability. GIFs are easy to share and fun for followers to share with others, increasing brand exposure and following. Coca ColaDieselUniqlo, and Calvin Klein are some of examples of brands who have caught on with GIF popularity and use them in their advertising campaigns.

GIFs are modern and show that your brand is tech saavy. They also provide a greater avenue of creativity and communication that simple pictures cannot. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a GIF may just be worth a million, figuratively speaking. Maybe it’s time to give GIFs a try.

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Published March 25, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Digital Marketing, Tumblr