Is Google Abusing Its Monopoly Power? (Absolutely)

We often share content from HubSpot but today’s post is one of the best (and most important) posts we’ve seen in a long time. It addresses an important question that many of us have privately and publicly been asking since the news came out that Google was blocking ALL keyword search data – except for those who pay for their Google AdWords. 

I believe that this is an absolute abuse of monopoly power. Google controls roughly 80% of the search market and helped attain (and retain) this dominance thanks in large part to the unwritten agreement established between it and the millions of websites around the world. That is, Google is able to crawl and index valuable content and then provide recommended ads based on that content – because websites provide them with access to do this crawling. When Google provided keyword data to marketers, they were able to customize their websites to make sure that their own sites ranked higher organically for these keywords. Have some in the industry abused this in the past with “black hat” tactics? Absolutely. But not nearly enough to undo the ethical and professional Internet marketers who work hard to try to help their clients/customers attain top rankings through the use of strong/relevant content. 

Read more here from HubSpot’s blog to understand the full story. 

Is Google abusing its monopoly power? Some SEO experts think so…


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Published October 3, 2013 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Digital Marketing, SEO