Instagram is the ‘best platform for brands’ in 2013, beating out Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Think about it – which social media platform is easiest to engage with? With a casual double tap, you can like a photo on Instagram. That double tap can then show up on someone else’s “Following” page on Instagram or on their Facebook feed. Also, that hashtag can show up in a search.

Even with the lack of clickable links, Instagram has prevailed and proven it’s worth in social commerce. If your brand has something it wants to sell – or heck, even an “image” it wants to sell (look at that fun office environment!) – then it should be active on Instagram.

With our already short attention spans, visual communication is a great way to sell or get a message across quickly in a way that Twitter and Facebook just can’t.  Images are easy to produce, consume, share and collect, so it’s completely unnecessary to spend thousands on celebrity endorsements. Plenty of users on Instagram have a huge influence simply by taking wonderful pictures or sharing their story. Learn from them, or use them in your campaign!

Instagram is the best platform for brands, according to a new study that reviewed all brands on social with over 25 fans on each of four major social platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

“With increases in fan/follower engagement nearly three times that of other networks studied, Instagram is the clear winner for 2013,” SumAll CEO Dan Atkinson said. “If a company has a visual product to sell and it’s currently not on Instagram, that company is missing out on significant brand awareness and revenue.”

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Published December 6, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Instagram, Social Media