Infographic: The most-popular ways people use LinkedIn

We know from experience that LinkedIn has huge value in the realm of social networking. LinkedIn is essentially an online resume, and many potential employers will use your LinkedIn profile to view your employment history, education, projects, references, etc. instead of your actual (physical) resume.

The infographic below shows how people are actually using this platform. Did you know 35.5% of people are in 1-9 groups? If you aren’t utilizing some of the tools LinkedIn has to offer (such as groups) – or just don’t know about them – start getting familiar!

Regardless if your a business or a user on LinkedIn, there are many free tools that you may not be utilizing that could turn into new business leads or a new employer. Maximize your advantages on LinkedIn and let us know your success stories!

Published August 5, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: LinkedIn, Social Media