Inbound Marketing: 6 Key Benefits For Your Business

Are you building brand visibility through your marketing campaigns? Would you like to learn the strategic moves behind online lead generation and how companies who use it become more profitable?

If you are focusing solely on seminars, trade shows, email blasts, direct mail purchases, cold calling and traditional advertising, you are doing what some experts categorize as “outbound marketing“.  Although it is still somewhat effective, outbound marketing now a days is looked at as an older and a more expensive method of marketing communications.  Studies show that firms that generate less than 20% of their leads from online are less profitable than those businesses accumulating 60% or more.

How is that possible?  How can you boost your company’s profitability?

Let’s take a deeper look into inbound marketing…

Inbound marketing is a strategic marketing move that allows your company or project to be found by customers.  In contrast to previous traditions where you had to buy, beg or bug your way into press releases and/or advertisements, this critical component to lead generation is an investment that will eventually pay for itself.  When you think about it…the cost behind internet research or shopping for something new via search engines, blogs or other social media sites is almost nothing compared to going to a seminar or hopping on a plane to network at a trade show.  Learn how to utilize the tools you already posses (computer, internet, creativity) and save money so that you can invest it back into growing your business.

So what is inbound marketing?  Believe it or not but it’s simply a formula that utilizes pieces of information about customers needs and interests.  It’s not about focusing on customers individually but rather researching the needs and interests of your target market.  This will help potential customers find you when they are already researching and/or shopping in your field of expertise or industry.  How does it work?  It’s simple.  All you have to do is set up your site like a hub (for your field or industry) so that it will naturally attract search engines, bloggers and social media.  You can still have your company site but this is a tool to add exposure to your web presence and business.  The end result is setting yourself up so that customers can find you.

What are the advantages of inbound marketing?

  • Attraction based.  Consumers are tired of the spam and long teleseminars.  Setting up a creative blog about your product (ex: finding cheap tickets or great shoes) or building an amazing website filled with photos, videos (and great marketing content that sells your cheap tickets or shoes) will attract potential buyers to your site naturally.
  • Save up to 60% of your marketing budget.
  • Become 2x more profitable than outbound marketers.  Increase customers/sales. 
  • Generate a massive amount of website impressions.
  • Get up to 55% higher lead conversion rates.
  • Stand out from your competition.

How are businesses even more profitable using online lead generation?  Online lead generation has provided businesses with a continuous stream of fresh leads who already have a need or interest in their product.  When you think about it, using the innovative and strategic techniques of inbound marketing will allow online lead generation to maximize to its highest potential.

How are they successful?  Creating an ebook or blog creates an asset that can last a lifetime.  Inbound marketing and the search tool will give your content the power to generate traffic/leads for your business.

Per the Hinge study (500 professional service firms surveyed), the top 3 techniques that were most effective for businesses achieving goals were:

  • Whitepapers/EBooks
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization

What are you waiting for?

You can start your own inbound marketing program or reach out to professionals to help you launch and manage it. Kaufer DMC works with HubSpot to create inbound marketing programs for a range of clients. Contact us if you’re interested in a FREE 30 minute marketing consultation!

Published March 13, 2013 by Luke Severn.
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