How Warby Parker is getting mobile email right

Simple is always better – especially when it comes to mobile marketing.

Rather than just thinking solely about email marketing, Warby Parker got more specific in their latest campaign and thought about how consumers are using email on their mobile phones.

Consumers are increasingly watching (and sharing!) video on their smartphones. If someone calls Warby Parker with a customer service problem, the brand takes care of it with a video follow-up via email. In the email is a short, one sentence joke with a YouTube link below it. The videos are also short and un-fancy. It’s clear that Warby Parker didn’t take a lot of time to make and/or edit the video. And who needs to when you get the message across in under 10 seconds? Warby Parker’s videos get shared 80 times on average. Woah.

What makes for an effective email? It’s short, informative and require very few actions on the part of the consumer. There aren’t a bunch of hyperlinks or multiple offers. In this example, Warby Parker gives the consumer a reason to share their personalized video in the easiest way possible. They also did it in less than 300 characters.

Steve Rowen, Boston-based managing partner at RSR Research said, “The one thing that we found is consumers will say, ‘You can email me. You can text message me. You can call me. You can do all these things, as long as you’re providing something that’s valuable.”

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Published January 23, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Mobile Marketing