How to use LinkedIn To Help With Your Healthcare Marketing

As a healthcare professional, you are probably familiar with the value of using LinkedIn as a tool for networking, finding jobs, and/or reaching out to perspective employees. But are you tapping in to its potential for healthcare marketing? If not, consider LinkedIn as your new favorite healthcare social media tool. In addition to linking professionals with the job of their dreams, or businesses with their dream employees, LinkedIn is also a way to help with your healthcare marketing endeavors once you understand how to tweak its tools and features to your advantage. Here’s how.

7  Ways to Use LinkedIn for Healthcare Social Media Marketing:

  1. Create a Company Page. Let’s start at the very beginning. Do you have a LinkedIn page for your business? If not, begin there. Your page will allow you to market your business to prospective employees and other business professionals and clients with whom you desire to make connections and/or build your reputation. Here is a link for more information and step-by-step instruction on how to build a unique and streamlined LinkedIn company page that will convey your business’ services, goals, and company culture.
  2. Ad Space. LinkedIn is a wonderful place to learn how to optimize your advertisement and track what works and what doesn’t. You can track visits, leads, and optimize your content using geo- and service-specific keywords and phrases. Use a variety of ads to target specific customers, rather than the same logo-driven ad with comprehensive information you may use for traditional print media outlets. Need help getting started? Click Here.
  3. Target Your Targets. You can used LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search to target the exact people you feel would benefit from exposure to your business. This is healthcare social media at it’s finest. Work to create your Customer(s) Persona (hopefully you have already done this for your other social media marketing campaigns) and use him/her/them to fine tune your social outreach. If you are a general practice, you might have some work to do. If you are an OB/GYN, your target market will be much more specific.
  4. Promote Your Events. Don’t forget to use LinkedIn when you are hosting, attending, or sponsoring an event or seminar. Did you know every time a LinkedIn contact RSVPs to your event, it is posted on their home profile? Thus it generates more interest and creates more energy around the event. But you aren’t hosting events? Maybe it’s time to start. Begin brainstorming ways to use your office to round up members of the community who might not know you are there. Free useful information and food are always an attraction.
  5. Start Polling. You can generate specific LinkedIn polls which can be used as a perpetual healthcare social marketing and research tool. Watch out because they can become addicting. When used wisely, they will tell you exactly what your customers want most from their healthcare provider, more specifically you, and you can tailor your business practices and offerings accordingly.
  6. Use Groups. By joining groups, you can also participate in forums, which can help to circulate your name and increase overall visibility. You can also create a group(s). Start by asking colleagues/employees to join, and then extend membership to your patients/clients. This also builds energetic marketing momentum.
  7. Ask for recommendations. Ask your clients to write referrals, which will then be visible on your home profile page. This authentic feedback can be a way to sell your business. The referrals remain visible until you or the supplier opts to remove them.

Don’t neglect LinkedIn as a major marketing tool. It can be a healthcare social media goldmine for your healthcare practice, be it big or small.

Published March 18, 2017.
Categories: Healthcare Marketing, Social Media