How to grow your email and mobile marketing database using social media

While it may seem like email marketing has taken a minor supporting role in your social marketing cast, don’t shove it completely off the stage. Email can play a valuable role in developing your brand and educating your customers. While Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets have slowed down the flow of personal email communication, there is still a need for email marketing. While people may not always respond to their emails, they sure do read ’em. In fact, in 2012, emails had the highest percentage of click-through rates, lead conversions, and the highest return on investment (ROI) of any other digital marketing channels.

According to Axicom Digital Impact’s “2013 Consumer Digital Study,” 91% of consumers check their email everyday. That means, if you run a smart email marketing campaign, you have an almost 100% chance of communicating with prospective and current clients whenever you want.

The following tips can help you grow your email and mobile marketing database using social media.

1.Get inspired. There’s a good chance that the majority of your email marketing contacts were gathered before the dawn of the Social Media revolution. Chances are, you’ve been so busy making friends, getting thumbs ups, likes and +s, that you haven’t continued to gather new email contacts like you should. Step One in growing your email marketing list is finding the right way to reach out to all of those Social Media Contacts you’ve been developing and getting their email information.

2.KISS. In order to get their information, Keep It Simple Sweetheart! Create a clever CTA that lives in the top right of your Facebook page that advertises your Email Newsletter. Don’t make the form too lengthy, it should be short and straight forward. There are several apps available to help you set up an email newsletter mailing list. Easy-to-use examples include:

Keep in mind that Twitter and Google+ don’t have CTA friendly sites. For these social media platforms, you will need to create a hyperlink to an Email Newsletter sign up in your “About Us” or “Bio” section that connects directly to the newsletter sign up form on your website. While Google+ has plenty of room to include a lengthier lead up and link, you will have to use a shorter link for your Twitter bio.

3.Bribe ’em. That’s right, we said use bribes. Bribery works. Offer them access to premium content they can’t get any other way than by signing up on your Email Newsletter list. Go back through your website and tailor how access to your eBooks, white papers, infographics and other exciting content is made available. From here on out, no newsletter sign-up, no access. Share, Tweet and post excerpts or catchy lead-ins to grab their attention. Make your requests and reminders visually attractive to inspire more clicks. You’ll watch your email list begin to grow by leaps and bounds.

4. Bribe ’em better. Up the bribery ante just a bit by offering them an amazing deal. This is especially beneficial for retail and commerce-oriented business. By subscribing to your email newsletter, they can receive a significant discount on the next purchase, get $X off a signature service, gain access to a valuable coupon or a free sample, etc. Remind your customers how great you, your products, and services are.

5.Host a Coffee Talk. While hosting a Webinar may be relevant to your business, creating an invitation to hang out, drink coffee, get to know key member of your team, etc. might be more appealing and fun to your clients and customers. Consider using Google Hangouts, AnyMeeting, Ready Talk or any number of similar programs to connect en masse. This can be a great way to bond with your fans, plus you can set it up so that signing up for your Email Newsletter is their admittance ticket.

Once you’ve grown your Email Newsletter list, make sure your newsletters are worth reading. Make them fun, interesting, informative and engaging. Also, keep in mind that almost 70% of Google and Yahoo account holders access their email via a mobile device. This means you need to be conscious of their smaller screen size when creating your email content so they see the important stuff ASAP, inspiring them to read and learn more.

Don’t let your email subscriber list become stagnant. Continue developing strategies to add more members as a means for growing your business. Use your social media prowess to lasso in those addresses and then create the email content they want to read so your emails can drive the clicks, leads, and ROI you’re striving for.

Published January 7, 2014 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media