How to Go Beyond Stock Photos

Every marketer has had the experience of searching through galleries of stock photographs. We search for different terms that are loosely related to our subject and dig through clichéd, generic pictures everywhere we go – the clean cut businessman crossing his arms superimposed over a city skyline, another team of well-dressed business people seemingly in a meeting, and people using cellphones the same way infomercial actors handle their kitchenware.

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Each one looks staged and fails to capture the essence of your message along with your audience’s attention. It’s a problem that Brada Barassi over at EyeEm has experienced and they’ve written some tips on up your photos with what they call, “real photography.”

These are the photos that capture a moment in time. They show the practice of your concept in the way a real person would do it. That’s difficult to grasp with words, that’s why Barassi has photograph examples that will drive the point home. You should check it out.

Published August 23, 2016 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Content Marketing, Visual Content