How the Right Web Design Can Increase Your Sales

Does it seem odd to think that a web design can directly impact your sales? Much like hiring a PR firm, a good web designer can make sure the image you present to the public says exactly what you want it to say. A web design company will also make sure your site is optimized for SEO, which will increase your visibility as well as your sales.

Benefits of the Right Web Design

The ideal web design company will be able to deliver a level of online visibility which you haven’t been able to achieve on your own. By moving your site to the top tier of search results for your targeted keywords, you’ll have the ability to reach a larger audience and target a more specific range of customers. This can lead to new markets which you’ve previously been unable to tap into.

– A well-designed website will gain the attention of potential customers and possible business partners alike and increase your overall traffic. The more traffic your site sees, the greater your sales. Brand recognition will also increase, making your product more visible either on or offline.


– An experienced web design company will incorporate vital search engine optimization into your site design, ensuring that your business will rank higher in search engine results. This is accomplished through the use of meaningful content, keywords, and metatags. Without the right design elements, your site will remain invisible to search engines and the public at large.

– Web designers should also be able to optimize your site for viewing on mobile devices. With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile users may account for a large percentage of your overall traffic. It’s important to give them just as positive an experience whether browsing on their home computer or their phone.

– A professional web design company will know how and where to place important CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons, as well as social media icons (or feeds) and blog posts to get maximum impact from visitors. Remember – you only have 5 seconds to make an impression!

Understanding What Matters

There’s no shortage of incredibly talented and artistic designers out there. And while it’s important to have a fantastic-looking site, that won’t matter much if it’s not serving its primary function: landing customers. Your site should be attractive, easy to navigate, entertaining, and informative. It also should have the right copywriting, design elements, SEO tags, and other necessary elements which are required to ensure visibility to potential customers and search engines.

In short, web design isn’t just about looks. However, there are many other factors which are necessary to building a site which not only looks good, but serves its primary function of making you money as well. While there are plenty of do-it-yourself templates out there which are a cheaper alternative to hiring a professional design company, you have to be knowledgeable enough about SEO and design elements to effectively incorporate them into a generic template which will still gain your site visibility. Before you decide to save money by attempting your site’s redesign on your own, consider how much it could cost you in the long run. Instead, hire a professional web design company to help you build a quality site that is both beautiful and profitable and, most importantly, will increase your customer base.

Written by David Kaufer

David Kaufer is Founding Partner and Chief Dynamic Office in Kaufer DMC. He’s also a huge Oregon Ducks & Microbrew nut, Dad of awesome 8 year-old twin boys, husband, and big Sustainability and Autism advocate.

Published November 24, 2014 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Website Design and Development