How Small Businesses are Embracing Mobile [Infographic]

With the almost meteoric rise in mobile web browsing and mobile usage among individual consumers, mainly due to the increased accessibility and functionality of smartphones and tablets, small businesses are beginning to really take notice of the importance and effect that mobile optimization has on their bottom line.

Due to the increased adoption of mobile marketing tactics by small businesses, the folks over at Constant Contact put together an infographic (see below) highlighting some of the recent mobile trends related to small businesses. The data was pulled from two Mobile Pulse Surveys conduced by Constant Contact in 2013 and 2014, as well as a 2014 Pew Research Internet Project.

Some interesting findings include:

  • As of 2014, 77 percent of small businesses are using mobile technologies, up from 66 percent in 2013.
  • As of 2014, 60 percent of websites are now optimized for mobile use and viewing, up from just 34 percent in 2013
  • In 2013, a whopping 28 percent of small businesses surveyed reported no plans to have a mobile-optimized website, but as of 2014, that number has dropped to just 8 percent.
  • Of the 23 percent of small businesses that are not currently using any mobile solutions, 40 percent cite a lack of customer demand, 36 percent cite a lack of know-how in using them, and 31 percent cite a lack of time in implementing them. Only 13 percent of companies said mobile is not relevant to their business.

That final bullet point is one to take note of. With only 13 percent of companies saying mobile isn’t relevant to their business, it seems that small companies have come up with various excuses as to why they’re not implementing mobile technologies, such as a lack of knowledge. But these companies must find ways to overcome those excuses. The fact that 58 percent of American adults now own a smartphone and mobile internet usage is now larger than PC internet usage is enough to prove that business-related mobile technologies should not be overlooked, are growing, and are here to stay.

Written by Luke Severn

Luke is a marketing coordinator at Kaufer DMC. He loves the Arctic Monkeys, David Fincher movies, and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Published August 12, 2014 by Luke Severn.
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