How Portlandia’s Social Effort Pounced on Lame Super Bowl Game

As an Oregonian, I’m very familiar with Portlandia. The show is raw (I could have done without the dumpster diving) and mostly true to form. The Independent Film Channel (IFC) is the network that hosts Portlandia and operates on a low-budget. That’s what they are known for and that’s what they do well.

So – what do you do with $1,200 Super Bowl ad budget? Hire a feminist to take over your Twitter account, of course.

This is a uber creative example of how small businesses can gain from huge television events. IFC had Kim Meinert, a volunteer at Portland-based feminist bookstore In Other Words, take over the Portlandia Twitter account. And as a result, their followers increased by 25% and had over 8,000 retweets while also utilizing the hashtag #FeministBookstoreSaysWhat.

Just because your marketing budget is small doesn’t mean your creativity has to be! Quirkiness is often rewarded in the social media world. Denny’s post photos of pugs in ranch dressing – so really, the sky is the limit. Just make sure it’s appropriate, on-point with your brand and not controversial.

Oh, and that $1,200? Graciously donated to the bookstore. In PR terms, that’s a win-win.

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Published February 7, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Social Media, Twitter