How much should website support cost?

Your company’s website requires constant tweaking and updating. You need to determine what’s working and what’s not, and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. There are also the general glitches and technical issues that arise and, or course, you need to keep up with the latest website marketing trends… Wait a minute – – you?!?

You don’t have time to deal with all that! You have a business to run, which means you have to find the right website support to meet your needs. How much does website support cost, anyway?

Successful businesses need to invest in the right type of website support for their needs

The amount it costs to support your business is wholly determined by the size of your business and the type of website you have working for you, as well as the way your company utilizes the site. Here are some of the options, from the largest to the most non-obtrusive investment.

In-house website support. If you have a really large business, multiple offices, or your business is involved in the world of eCommerce, you might need to have an in-house IT person (or team) and/or a webmaster. This is the most costly of your website support options, but if you can’t afford to have any website glitches, you have unlimited access to support. In that case, in-house website support provider may be worthy of their own salary and benefits package. According to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web Developers enjoy a median salary of just over $75,000 a year. Plus, there will be health and retirement benefit packages to consider. That being said, they will also be trained to work as IT and network security specialists so, for larger companies, this option is often more affordable than working with smaller website and IT support specialists on a constant, as-needed basis.

Independent Contractors. There are plenty of independent contractors who are well-trained in IT support and Website support who work from home, and can be called out to help out anytime your company in a bind. This can be an affordable option. You may pay by the hour, or many independent contractors have packaging options to help lower your overall expenses. This option is really only feasible if you are a very small company and can afford to wait from time to time if the web support contractor is busy with other customers when your site is having problems. One thing to consider: if the independent contractor is more attuned with the technical side of things, and less in touch with digital marketing strategies, you may not benefit from the types of updates and upgrades that will keep your website performing well in search engine rankings.

Professional Website Support. Many of the same digital marketing companies that design websites and manage social media marketing strategies also provide affordable website support, tailored to your company’s needs. For example, at Kaufer DMC, we offer a multi-tiered package option that begins with FREE website support and works its way up to accommodate small, medium, and large business’s needs. When you work with a company who specializes in website support, you are guaranteed to have someone at the ready when you need them. Plus, your site will also be enhanced by the upgrades necessary to keep up with digital marketing trends.

Making the initial investment for webs support is the hardest step, but the benefits will come back multi-fold. You will no longer have to worry about what your website is and isn’t doing, and it will flourish as if by magic.

Published September 24, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Website Design and Development