How Many Consumers Expect Mobile Customer Support Solutions?

The cost of acquiring a new customer is vastly more expensive than maintaining one and customer service is the backbone of keeping customers loyal. Increasingly, this means maintaining a strong web AND mobile presence that responds to customers’ needs. Now, 42% of American shoppers expect a response within an hour from a company after complaining on social media and 57% expect the same no matter what time it is.

Mobile phones are no longer an exclusively “kid” thing anymore. 63% of adults use their mobile phone when looking for help help with 55% of all customer service inquiries beginning on the internet (many using their phone to search). In fact, Forrester reports that 55% of shoppers won’t complete an online purchase if they can’t quickly find an answer to a question and another 30% won’t make a purchase if platform isn’t optimized for mobile phones.

Source: Pete Linforth at

That’s why it’s increasingly important for today’s businesses to make an honest effort to be friendly and accessible on both mobile and social media platforms. Customers expect this level of interaction and if you don’t provide it – you leave the door open for competitors to do so.

The world is always changing and with new technologies emerging faster than ever, it’s necessary for businesses to continue to learn and adapt. How do your customers prefer to reach your business and what social media platforms do they prefer? Ask how you can be even easier for them to contact.

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Published August 18, 2016 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Mobile Marketing