How Human-to-Human Connection Enhances B2B Sales – Even with Digital Marketing

When people think of business-to-business (B2B) sales, they might imagine a group of stuffy suits gathering around long tables while someone narrates the details of a power point presentation. Everyone in this scene is serious, robotic in their representation of their company’s brand image and mission statement. But, no matter how mechanical we imagine them –  they’re still human.

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It’s ultimately humans that decide whether or not to buy a product or service for a business and humans for business relationships for profit. In the past this may have been portrayed as two businessmen meeting together on the golf course to learn more about each other and a potential deal. Today though, social media is often filling that space. A well-crafted social media presence for you and your business can create the social proof required to make a connection with a decision-maker. This is invaluable because 84% of B2B sales begin from referrals.

Social media also allows you to research potential customers and make sure that the values of your company and theirs are a good fit. After you’ve found a customer who is likely to benefit from the sale, you can get the referral and make first contact. Displaying your personality via social media allows potential customers to find something in common with you, which, in turn, can serve as the springboard for a new relationship. These relationships create a human-to-human connection for business relationships and deals.

Tereza Litsa at goes into more detail about how a human-to-human connection with new customers can enhance your sales. Instead of thinking of a sale as a one and done event, think of it as the start of a new relationship. As people move from job to job, those relationships will continue and allow new opportunities for profit and advancement.

Published September 15, 2016 by Luke Severn.
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