How Do You Choose Your Logo Colors?

Choosing your brand’s logo color(s) is one of the most important choices you can make when developing your brand. You want to make sure to illustrate your brand’s strengths while at the same time evoking a certain emotional response from your potential customers. You also want to avoid alienating your consumers by projecting the wrong image about your brand.

It’s no secret that different colors evoke different emotions and behaviors. For instance, red is often associated with strength, power, and danger, while blue is often associated with truth, intelligence, and security.

But do these color associations actually translate to brand logos?

Through four studies, researchers Lauren Labrecque and George Milne examined how color affects consumer perceptions and their findings are quite interesting. While they found that a color like red will make your brand convey a sense of strength it doesn’t necessarily cause consumers to think of it as dangerous.

So what color should you choose for your brand’s logo? Our friends over at 99designs put together this fun infographic quiz that will lead you to the logo color promised land.

Learn more about how to select your logo colors on 99designs.

Published September 2, 2016 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Branding