How A Strong Social Media Program Helps SEO

The strategies used to ensure effective SEO services have changed. With every algorithm update, Google and other major search engines are sending the message that keywords and metatags are becoming far less important than the quality of your content and the relevance of your site.

Although there are still multiple paths to becoming a top-ranking site in the search results, one of the most effective ways to attain that status is through strategic use of social media platforms. These powerful tools, when utilized correctly, can create greater prominence for your site than you could achieve on your own.

Strategies for Facebook

Facebook is still the most popular of the social media platform giants, and efficient SEO services know just how to use it. A business Facebook page is a great way to connect with fans and disseminate static information: your location, your hours, and other data which doesn’t change from day to day. Facebook is also the perfect vehicle for posting photos of the company party (if appropriate, of course) or behind-the-scenes pictures which can’t be seen anywhere else.

As fans like your business page, they receive the updates you send out and can comment on them. This opens the door to direct assessment of the customer reaction rather than relying on interpretations of market research projections. Facebook fans can also share your content out with one click of the mouse, making it easy to spread the word about your business to other potential customers.

Tweeting for Success

Twitter is another great social media platform which can help boost SEO services. This popular microblogging site limits the number of characters you can tweet to 140, but provides widespread and varied networking capability which isn’t possible on any other platform. Twitter is ideal for sending out coupons, linking to your latest blog post, or spreading the word about partner businesses. Each link that’s shared out to others connects back to your site, which again makes you more relevant in the eyes of the search engines.

Professionalism with LinkedIn

Perhaps the most sedate of the social media platforms, LinkedIn nevertheless provides a sleek, professional appeal to the social media game. But guess what? Google and the search engines love LinkedIn! So posting your content and gaining links back to your site (and landing pages) provides you with extra SEO boost.

An Emphasis on Quality

You probably hear it every day, but we’ll say it again: content is king. Search engines are far more concerned about whether you’re providing quality content and a valuable contribution to the online community than they are about keywords or metatags.

Every post, share, or positive mention on a social media site can help your company’s SEO program. Maintaining quality content and distributing it via social media is one of the primary ways to ensure your visibility, both to search engines and to your online community. Effectively managing social media as part of your other SEO services can potentially carry the biggest impact portion of your entire SEO campaign.

Written by David Kaufer

David Kaufer is Founding Partner and Chief Dynamic Office in Kaufer DMC. He’s also a huge Oregon Ducks & Microbrew nut, Dad of awesome 8 year-old twin boys, husband, and big Sustainability and Autism advocate.

Published December 3, 2014 by David Kaufer.
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