Home Care vs Home Health Care - Is Your Content Working?

Home Care vs Home Health Care - Is Your Content Working?

Home Care vs. Home Health Care – those two terms are by no means interchangeable, but they sure can get confusing when you’re trying to attract the right niche audience to your home care vs. a home health care business, or vice versa.

Whether you offer one, or the other, or both – your online marketing strategy will revolve quite a bit around SEO terms that direct Google and other search engine crawlers to your site – based on the phrases your target audience uses to find you.

Home Care vs Home Health Care: Does your content speak to their differences?

If you need weekly wound care and management, you’re not in the immediate market for companion services. If you’re looking for someone to drive a senior loved one to bingo and hair appointments once a week, you’re not (yet) in the market for care from an R.N.

These are imperative distinctions that should be clearly illustrated via content, keywords, and phrases – because site visitors will be frustrated real fast if they can’t find what they’re looking for, or because they loved the way your brand feels – but you don’t actually provide the services they need. Conversely, you are going to get frustrated real fast if the majority of the leads website garners pertain to services you don’t offer.

Unfortunately for you – the home care and home health care search phrases are almost identical, misunderstood in general and used incorrectly by many – and that doesn’t make marketing any easier.

This is why home care and home health care agencies need to find marketing agencies who cater to their niche, and who know how to create the right type of content; content that directs these niche prospects to thoughtfully-crafted content and landing pages. Oh, and did we mention social media marketing?

Is Your Marketing Team Getting it Right?

Getting highly qualified leads is a sure sign the marketing team is creating the right (types of) content (website, social media and otherwise) to attract the right audience. However, there are also key indicators that show they aren’t getting it right – perhaps attracting more Home Care prospects rather than Home Health Care prospects, or the reverse.

Some easy-to-spot, red flags indicating the content marketing team needs to recalibrate, include:

  • High-bounce rates - What’s a bounce rate? This is the percent of visitors who spend less than 60 seconds on your website. If it’s high, this is a significant sign that either the marketing personas haven’t been fleshed out enough to create intuitively, targeted content and/or that the content is so broad it’s not speaking to the right pain points/solutions the keyword-focused searcher is using to look for you.
  • Lagging lead generation - In an era where home care and home health care businesses are booming, there’s no excuse for lagging leads. A decline in qualified leads means something on your website is turning people off – or they’re not finding you (it’s outdated, content is too broad, there’s no brand identity, etc.) or that prospects are looking for services offered by the other guy.
  • Misplace queries and request for information - If you’re generating lots of questions and requests for contact – only to find out the majority of new “prospects” were looking for the “other” services, there’s a disconnect between your content marketing goals and the content itself.

If any of these sound familiar to you – it’s time to regroup with your current marketing team or migrate altogether to a team that specializes in healthcare marketing.

Content Should Education, Support and Solve

Ultimately, the goal of your website content, social media posts, and other digital marketing materials is to educate clients, provide the support they need in a stressful moment, and solve their problems via the compassionate staff and services you offer. Ensuring your home care agency attracts prospects looking for meal services, errand running, and basic hygiene care – and that their home health care agency attracts prospects looking for skilled nursing care, medication management or wound/IV care – makes all the difference in the world. Not sure why your marketing strategies aren’t working?

Get in touch with us so we can lend a hand. We’ll take a look at your website and review content and give you clear, actionable advice as to how you can help the right prospects find you, and not them.

Published April 19, 2018 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Content Marketing, In Home Care, SEO, Social Media