Here’s Why Facebook Wants to Edge In on Twitter’s Hashtags

Twitter is not Facebook. We all have those “friends” (or relatives) who post too many status updates that annoy the heck out of us. Will the introduction of hashtags on Facebook only make this problem worse? Author Mike Isaac makes an interesting point; the adoption of the hashtag by Facebook will make this symbol of the “social media language” more accessible to those who have no idea what a hashtag is. They will be forced to figure it out. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this is a huge pitch for advertisers.

Although not the inventor of the tool, Twitter has dominated conversations centered around the hashtag (#) for quite some time. As we saw last week, however, Facebook wants in on the action,introducing hashtags to its users, so that they can follow individual topics throughout the network. Why ape some of your stiffest competition, ultimately validating their little language of pound symbols? Here’s why: It’s all about the second-screen audience.

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Published June 19, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Facebook, Social Media, Twitter