Hashtags, Influencers, Photos and Videos: Surprising Instagram Statistics for Businesses and Marketers

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in use today. While it is great for sharing photos of your favorite cuisine or summer vacation, many people do not realize the platform’s influence when it comes to marketing. FameMass breaks down how influential Instagram is and its reach in digital marketing.

Over 1 billion users are active on the platform each month, with over 500 million users active on a daily basis. Of those users, 59% is comprised of 18 to 29-year-olds, while 30 to 49-year-old makeup 33%. At 71%, the majority of Instagram users are under age thirty-five. Women use Instagram slightly more than men at 50.3% compared to 49.7%. While the United States claims the most Instagram users at 121 million, 80% of users live outside of the United States.

Users who are active on Instagram every day spend an average of 53 minutes on the platform. The amount of activity by these daily Instagram users include over 100 million shared posts and likes for over 4.2 billion posts. In addition, 500 million users share content on Instagram stories each day. Users who include at least one hashtag in their posts are 12.6% more likely to gain attention from other users, while posts with photos yield 36% more likes than ones with videos. When it comes to followers, Instagram tops the list for the most. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo takes second place, while pop singers Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez follow.

Instagram remains the most popular way for consumers to interact with their favorite brands, with the platform 10 times more popular than any other social media platform. Over twenty-five million businesses have tapped into the power of Instagram, with 71% of businesses in the United States found on Instagram. In addition, over 2 million advertisers across the world have taken advantage of Instagram’s reach.

Over 200 million Instagram users view at least one business profile each day. Eighty percent of Instagram users follow a business account, with 80% of users also utilizing the platform when deciding to purchase a product or service. Of that 80%, over 30% of Instagram users make in—platform purchases from their mobile device. When it comes to business posts, those that utilize sponsored videos instead of just sponsored photos will receive three times more comments from Instagram users.

These statistics reveal how influential Instagram is and how crucial it is to include it in a digital marketing strategy.

Published June 27, 2019.
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