Fashion Bloggers See a Missed Opportunity to Monetize Instagram Posts

Instead of blogs, Instagram is now the first place I go to to see what my favorite fashion bloggers are wearing. It’s a more personal and easy on-the-go way to check in. Usually fashion bloggers have to edit their photos, and the pictures you’ll see online will have been taken a few days, if not a week, before.

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In today’s world, I want to see what they are wearing in real time! Fashion bloggers do sometimes post links in their Instagram posts, but you have to go through the tedious job of memorizing the link, typing it into Safari, etc etc… Why aren’t links clickable?

With the introduction of Instagram advertisements, I see this feature being added not far off in the future. And not only could it benefit fashion bloggers – it could benefit a variety of brands, both big and small, too! How would clickable links help your brand?

In the coming weeks, Instagram will start rolling out its first ads in the form of promoted posts within members’ feeds. But numerous marketers maintain that the service is still missing a potential source of revenue: allowing individual users to monetize their own posts.

The concept was raised several times at Lucky magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference last month.

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Published November 6, 2013 by Luke Severn.
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